The Dream Chaser's Bundle: Dream Chaser's Journal + Unleash Your Dreams Planner

The Dream Chaser's Bundle: Dream Chaser's Journal + Unleash Your Dreams Planner


Unleash Your Dreams Planner

2018 is the year of the Dream Chaser and Goal-Getters, all it will take is the right formula to make it happen. The Unleash Your Dream Planner will help you to avoid losing focus on your goals in 2018 (and beyond) and is the winning formula to dream bigger, win bigger, and get the results you want in your life.

Setting goals won't work without a plan to execute, but they also don't work without a clear vision, an understanding of who and what your goals will impact, and understanding of what you have learned over time that will help you reach your goals now. This planner will give you the steps to bring it all together to make 2018 your best year yet! 

Dream Chaser's Journal

Self-Care is the best care, but many Dream Chasers miss the mark on taking care of their own well-being as they are going after their goals and dreams, and neglect the importance of building a strategic plan for their mindset. Which leaves them stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed, and in negative thought patterns instead of truly thriving in their business or professions.

Does this sound like you? This 90-day guide was created with you in mind!

In this journal, you will find simple and effective tools for creating a self-care plan that works for your life as a Dream Chaser. You will also find the 90-day guided journal to help you to align your mindset and thoughts with your dreams. You will find prompts to express your feelings, wins, gratitude, and affirmations daily.

This guide is for you, the Dream Chaser that recognizes the need for support in your self-care and building a thriving mindset,  but needs a place to get started. This guide is your permission to put your oxygen mask on first and start building a life you will truly love.

Included in this Journal

  • 1 Guided Self-Care Evaluation

  • 1 Simple-Self-Care Plan Template

  • 1 Section for Gratitude Prompts

  • 1 Section for Affirmation Prompts

  • 90 Days of Daily Guided Self-Journal Prompts

Included with this purchase:

  • Unleash Your Dreams Planners 
  • Dream Chaser's Journal
  • 20-minute Goal-Setting Session w/Latisha 


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Planners will ship in April 2018