Meet Latisha

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Hi, I am Latisha. your new favorite Life Coach and Self-Care Strategist! I am the founder of Latisha Carr Global, LLC. I help entrepreneurs build both healthy personal foundation and healthy business cultures. I enjoy helping others find the essence and addressing thoughts and behaviors that are ineffective in helping them reach their goals and dreams. My goal is to help fellow game-changers in businesses develop excellent work cultures so that they can thrive personally as well as having a thriving business, happy employees, and increased revenue.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, you set the tone for the culture of your business. How you show up in your business will impact how your business presents itself. At LC Global, we help entrepreneurs and creatives develop a personal foundation and business foundation. We assist in the development of a healthy culture within your business so that you, your business, and employees can thrive.


5 Fun Facts About Tish

  • She Loves Apple Butter & Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  • She Once Competed in a Crossfit Competition Just To Say She Did   

  • She's Seen Jay Z and Beyonce in concert 4+ times each

  • She Once Snuck Into a White House Hosted Event

  • She's an Avid Fan of the Golden Girls TV Show