20 Self-Care Tips for Real Life

I have a busy traveling weekend coming up.  This weekend I will be speaking at #womeneurcon2018 in Brooklyn, NY on the Self-Care panel on Friday, and will also be hosting Self-Care in the City in Huntington, WV on Sunday. With all that going on I decided I would share my Top 20 Self-Care Tips For Real Self-Care! Check out my tips below. 

1. Say No! to things that do not serve your purpose and vision for life
2. Disconnect from taxing friendships and other relationships
3. Allow yourself time for a break
4. Give yourself permission to have fun
5. Have a “Best Friends Day” and hang out with your favorite people (I did this last weekend!) 
6. Spend time doing things you love, besides work and your dream
7. Find a workout routine that you actually enjoy
8. Turn off TV shows that push you into comparison mode
9. Delete your social media apps for a day (you remember your passwords, your world will not end) 
10. Set a time limit on how long you are on your laptop per day, and stick to it. 
11. Go to bed an hour earlier
12. Wake up and hour earlier
13. Watch videos that make you laugh
14. Join a club related to something you enjoy (swim club, running club, book club) 
15. Binge watch Netflix movies and shows
16. Spend quality time with your significant other
17. Go on dates
18. Pray!!
19. Go to Happy Hour with friends once a week
20. Go to that yoga class you’ve been skipping

Latisha Carr