A Month for Self-Love and Reflection

Happy February Dream Chasers!

I am so happy February is here! Mainly, because it's one month closer to spring, but also because it is a great month to talk about self-love. One of the first things many people think of in February is love. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching we look at love from the romantic perspective. I want to challenge you to look at love internally this month. 

Self-love is spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, and physical. The presence or lack of self-love shows up in every aspect of your life. Spiritually self-love can look like finding a personal and meaningful connection with God and how you relate yourself with God’s calling on your life. Emotionally self-love can look like spending time understanding the why behind why you feel the way you feel at given points in your life or unlearning emotionally damaging and maladaptive behaviors. Mentally self-love can look like spending the necessary time clearly the junk and negative self-talk from your mind routinely. Financially self-love can look like sticking to the budget you created so you can save money, but also enjoy your life. Physically it can look like spending 30 minutes a day taking a walk or getting enough nutrients every day to keep your body in good health.

In this month of love, take some time to evaluate how you are loving you. Take some time to reflect on your needs spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically. Give yourself the permission to spend time with yourself and give yourself the same love (or better!) that you share with everyone else. Do an assessment of how you are treating yourself in each of those aspects of your life. I challenge you to spend this month of love focused on self-love and your own well-being. Will you accept my challenge?

You all should know by now that I believe in the power of writing, so if you accept this challenge, download my free Self-Love and Reflection Daily Prompt to get started today!