3 Tips to Living a Bigger Life in 2018


Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new motivation for most. In 2018 my motivation is to help over 100 people to stop living a regular, degular, schmegular life and really take charge in living your best life. Many people will tell you to invest in yourself, but I wanted to give you at least three tangible ways to invest in yourself so that you can have a bigger, better, and bolder year and life!

Invest Time.

First things first, the most important thing you can invest in yourself is your time! Don’t make the excuse this year that you “don’t have time” to reach your goals. The devil is a liar, you have the time you just have to make it! Make this the year that you stop wasting time on frivolous things and activities. Stop scrolling social media for the sake of scrolling, stop procrastinating on your ideas, stop entertaining toxic relationships and friendships, stop spending every weekend at the bar or binge-watching shows on Netflix. Some of those things are okay in moderation (minus the toxic relationships/friendships) but take that time you’ve spent and repurpose it to get your own dreams and goals off the ground. Time must be used intentionally or the minutes, hours, and days will quickly drift into months, years, and decades. You’ll look up and wonder how it’s 2020 and you still are only daydreaming about your goals.  Time is our most precious commodity and can work for us or against us. In 2018, make time work for you. Get started today on using your time wisely. Use your time to invest in yourself by

  • Setting limits on the time you spend on social media
  • Find at least one thing you care about to invest your time in
  • Be intentional with your time, use planners, e-calendars, and alarms to keep you accountable for the time you are spending doing any given thing throughout the da

Invest in Building a Strong Mindset.

When people hear “invest in yourself”, most people’s minds go to financial investments. I am challenging you to first invest in your mindset. Your mindset will determine your direction in life and if you want to avoid living a “regular” life then you need to start with efforts to shift your mindset to bigger and bolder things. You can invest in your mindset by

  • Hiring a life coach to help you recognize ways that are self-defeating, based on fear, or to help you create a strategic plan for your goals and dreams in life.
  • Working with a therapist to address any traumas or deep-rooted issues that may be interfering with your success and well-being in adulthood.
  • Reading books that expand your mind beyond your own perspective and looking at the possibilities of life.  

Invest in Learning Something New.

The more you know, the more you will grow. Invest in yourself by choosing to learn more than you knew yesterday. “Regular” people spend time focused on the things they already know never expanding their minds beyond what is right in front of them, but successful people are constantly learning and evolving.  Whether this is through reading, watching YouTube videos, taking a course, or just getting into rooms with people who know more than you or are experts outside of your general realm of knowledge. The more that you learn, the more you see just how much more there is to learn. Take some time this year to investing in learning something new by

  •  Attending conferences and courses that aren’t only focused on your direct interests or expertise
  • Reading books that challenge you to think on a bigger scale
  • Watching documentaries and videos on unfamiliar topics

In 2018, start with you. Invest in yourself by investing time, investing in your mindset, and investing in learning something new. I challenge you to focus on these things this year and to get outside of your comfort zone because a regular, degular, schmegular life is not what you have been placed on earth to live. You are here to be great and do great things! Live your best life in 2018!


Peace and Blessings,


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