A Couple of Quick Tips on Self-Care

Self-Care doesn’t always look like getting manicures/pedicures and massages bi-weekly. It’s more about our daily practices that help us to refill our mind body and soul. I am going to share two tips and one resource to help you clear your mind each day/night.

Tip #1: Write it out

Personally, I love to write and it can be one of the most helpful things to clear the clutter, negativity, and chaos from your head is to write it out. Write it all out, every negative thought, every positive thought, every weird thought (we all have them!), Write them all down! One of the things I do, after I get it all out, is every negative thought that doesn't encourage or empower me I scratch it out...full force. Somehow that helps release all the power that is wrapped up in those negative words I was thinking.


Tip #2: Exercise

I know it sounds cliché but it works! Walk fast, run, hit a punching bag, lift some weights, do zumba, or run in place in your living room...whatever works! But get moving! Your mind cannot focus on two things at once so when you exercise you are giving your mind an opportunity to be cleared. Try it...consistently, I promise it works.


My FAVORITE app right now is an app called InsightTimer. It is a mediation app with thousands of different short and long guided meditations. This app is perfect for on the go or when you want to spend a little more time in meditation! There are meditations ranging from 2 minutes in length to over an hour, and have many different variations of the types of meditations that can be found. I specifically use two meditations one for sleep and one for waking up that really help me focus my mind and body. Once you try the app out comment on this post to let me know what you think.