3 Reasons Every Millennial Needs A Life Coach

The coaching business is changing and as it shifts the idea of what a life coach can do for the generation that has all eyes on them at this time is also arising. As a 20 something millennial myself I have recognized a phenomenon that crosses cultures and socioeconomic boundaries. That being the “quarter life crisis”. Some of us come across it early, some right about age 25, and others slightly later, but it seems to occur for many people even when it seems as if from the outside looking in everything is going well. The quarter-life crisis seemingly occurs right around the time of a major transition in life such as moving, graduating college, or other major life occurrences that happen in our mid-twenties. During this, it seems three of the major issues that occur is a lack of clarity for their lives, limiting beliefs, and lack of accountability.

Creating Clarity

In my experience both being coached and as a coach I have found that life coaching can be ideal at this time in life. Feeling like you do not know what is next for your life or what to do next is something that you and your coach can tackle together. It is likely that you already have the answers for clarity that you need deep within, and a coach can be a good mirror or sounding board to help clear up some of the “noise” that is in the way. A coach is able to reflect back to you things you may not be able to see for yourself but are a part of how you show up in life every day.

Shifting Limited Beliefs

Our minds are our most powerful tool. Our mind is what allows us to be motivated, interested, disengaged, fearful, etc. In our 20s we are beginning to have more and more life experiences that create and/or highlight our fixed beliefs. It is human nature to look at life through the lens in which you have lived, however, that lens is not always what will have us live our biggest, most full, and desirable lives. A coach can work with you on shifting mindsets and shift the limited beliefs we have in life. Limited beliefs have us avoid possibilities in our life because we do not see them as possible, and working with a coach to shift these beliefs can open up a world of possibilities that were previously ignored or tuned out.  


Accountability is a key to success no matter what age range you fall into, and without it, there is often a lack of forwarding motion in our lives. When in school you had to be accountable for getting your work turned in on time, showing up to class, etc. and in the “real” world you have to create your own systems of accountability to see progress.One of the first things a coach will do with you is have you tell a little about yourself through a questionnaire and share what your goals are in life, your short term, and long term goals so that they can support you in what you say you want for your life. This is the key to successful coaching, having someone who knows your goals and knows what you want for your life, that will check in with you, help you build action plans, and work with you to make things move forward in your life.

There are many more reasons coaching for millennials is important, and the discussion can be continued in the near future. Coaching can be a powerful tool and there is no reason millennials should be left out of such a powerful and accessible life tool. Millennials are creative, progressive, and forward thinking and working with a coach to be your most powerful, creative, and unstoppable self can not only change your life but the lives of those around you and beyond.